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Bookworm Rules

Bookworm is an online skill word game that is perfect for lovers of word games like Boggle and Scrabble. The game is a word search of sorts, in which you must make as many words as you can within a time limit of five minutes. Points are earned based on the length of the words that you create, as well as the letters that are used.

When building words in Bookworm you must use at least three letters in each word. To select a word simply click on each letter in order, beginning with the first letter of the word. Letter tiles must touch each other in the order of the word’s spelling. Once you have finished spelling a word just click on the “Submit” button. You will earn points and then the used tiles will be eaten by the bookworm. New tiles will fall down to fill the spaces created and you can continue to spell new words.

As you spell words you can view their point value on the left side of the game board, over the “Submit” button. If no point value is displayed than the word is invalid and you will not receive points.

If you do not see any valid words on the board, click on the worm to rearrange the tiles on the board.

Scoring in Bookworm

In Bookworm, your score is determined by several different things. These include the length of your word, the number of letters you use in your word and your current level in the game.

Different letters are worth different values. Letter values are determined based on the following scale:

The score for a word is determined first by adding together the value of all of the letters. Then, the level number at which you are playing is added to your score.

Then, multiply this number by the number of tiles used in the word. This total number is then multiplied by 10 to determine the final word score.

There are also special tiles which increase the value of words. These tiles include green tiles, red tiles, sapphire tiles and diamond tiles:

When you play Bookworm you will notice that bonus words are listed beneath the worm on the left of your screen. You can receive bonus points for spelling these words. Bonus words increase in point value as you advance through the levels.